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Om shanti f*ck

Ambika finds herself in bloody embarrassing hell, when she gets up to find she’s left a period stain on the carpet in a sacred Hindu temple. Big deal?

2018. Sex, periods and the “good indian girl”. Ambika questions the strange myths of Indian culture and the sexist taboos that have made her feel inadequate to be a woman all her life. Educated and rebellious, she along with her girl- Goddess Durga, find a way to embrace both her womanhood and her culture chanting the strength to find shanti (peace) and the finger. Om Shanti Fuck it.


Designing and Making the Set 

The director wanted to keep Durga at the centric of the design and the sculptures that went around the temple. We decided to focus on these two elements of the design. 

In order to have a better understanding of the nature of temples in UK. I visited a temple nearby Cardiff which helped me during my initial research process. 

Initially, we planned to use an expensive banner featuring an image of Durga, but due to cost concerns, we opted to use a curtain instead to reduce expenses. However, we ultimately decided to have Durga painted on a flat surface, which proved to be a better alternative. We made further adjustments during the technical phase due to the brightness of the painting.


Making of Each element 

Polystyrene sculpting  

We made use of Barbie dolls to depict the sculptures that are found in temples ​of India. Using Barbie dolls from car boot sales, Idenden and sand we were able to recreate that in a way I would never imagine would even be possible! ​

The goal for the plinths was to have a sandstone texture which was achieved using paints and a spray gun the same technique was used for the floorcloth. The boards that went on the plinth's were first drawn on CAD and later was cut out using the laser cutter and later dyed using wood dye to give it a teak wood look. 


Director - Patricia Logue

Writer - Natasha Kathi-Chandra

Actor - Tanya 

Set and Costume Designer - Sanjana Nagesh Doddamani

Construction - Stuart 

Stage Managers - Grace 

Part of REPCo (Repertory by Entrepreneurial Performers Company) 

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