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The Hiding Tree


The Hiding Tree is an opera of two sisters who are the only survivors in an island in the middle of the sea, after a monster eats the entire village. One sister gets caught by the monster while the other hides on top of a tree, how they both manage to survive and defeat the monster is a story of love and courage. ​


Making of Each element 

The process began with measuring the tree's height relative to the ladder and experimenting with dye to match the trouser shades. Since the tree was initially the wrong size, it was cut in half and then redone to match the ladder's height, even surpassing it. To secure the tree, roots were built to, along with a supporting structure.

We used different cloth materials, including bedsheets, to represent the monster's gut. To make the most of available resources, we repurposed unused cloth from the production of Hamlet.

Making of costumes 

Costumes played a crucial role in the play. We had to create a total of 13 costumes, including 2 for the sisters and 13 for the monsters. One challenge was designing a sister's costume that allowed for a quick change and facilitated easy movement when transitioning from a sister to a monster.


Creating the twig garland was a straightforward process. We gathered twigs and used hot glue to attach them to a flexible band. This flexibility was essential as it allowed the headband to fit comfortably on all the sisters' heads, making the task much easier.

The process of making the costumes started by measuring, fitting, and sourcing all 13 costumes. Then, proceeded with dyeing and using scrap materials to create the monster costumes.


We toured to 5 schools, showcasing the performance in various different schools with children of various backgrounds and age groups. 


Director - Joe Austin

Set and Costume Designer - Sanjana Nagesh 

Scenic Artist - Sanjana Nagesh Doddamani

Costume construction - Rosie Berry, Emily Cantwell and Ysabelle Morgan

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