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Four words

I made this video taking four words: Life, love, touch and beauty which mean a lot to me and gave it a voice. 
Every word now has infinite meaning, emotions and memories. As a person fascinated by abstract art, its form and nature I decided to start here. 
Words and symbols have always intrigued me. It fascinated me to think about the manner in which a particular word was born, the way in which we attached meaning to a word and unanimously came together to understand and accept it. 
I found it weird how a few lines, dots and strokes in scriptures made 1000 years ago speaks volumes till now. I guess it's safe to say that words themselves are a form of art, abstract if you may add. 

Words give meaning to our otherwise meaningless lives. 
To never forget that words don't define us, we define them, was the theme of this film 



DOP, Editing, Set Design and Costume 

Sanjana Nagesh


Actor - Deeksha Jagga



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