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On body hair

On-body hair is an hand drawn rotoscope animated video where I drew on each frame using Photoshop, so far of around 3000 frames of drawings. This video aims to speak of the struggles women still grapple with body hair, by dwelling into the roots of how media projects and advertises them by not pointing fingers at a particular brand but the entirely of subliminal messaging over years. I hope to form a certain understanding and hope to make body hair a choice and not a compulsion.

Making of the Film

Before making this film, I collected audio tracks from various ADs from the 80s to the present that were used to sell women's razor blades. I aimed to create a contrast between the visuals and the audio. Then, I chose to shoot and edit the film using Da Vinci Resolve.


Each frame in this film was meticulously drawn using rotoscope animation technique that was achieved on Adobe Photoshop, resulting in intricate detail throughout. 


Through months of dedicated and disciplined work, resulting in 153 files. The consistent effort put in every single day yielded a smooth animation comprising of 29 drawings per second, ultimately running for a duration of one minute and twelve seconds that resulted in 3000 individually drawn frames. 


DOP, Editing, 2D Animation, Set Design

Sanjana Nagesh 

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