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Pardon is a film about a ten-year-old boy, Somil who battles language barriers to talk to the girl of his dreams. 
As an art director, I created a world that the script demanded which was a lower middle class, set in the interiors of Maharashtra. 


Set Decoration

The set was re-created to fit the theme and storyline of the film, which was a small lower middle class house located in the interior of Maharashtra

Props and Costume

Most of the props were sourced and some included costume breakdown, the props were sourced for by travelling to several interior markets of Pune 


Written and Directed by - Smera Juneja 

Art Director - Sanjana Nagesh Doddamani, Parth Rahatekar

Director of Photography - Pradyumna Gaikwad

Head of Production - Shruthi Sivakaminathan 

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