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Remember mE

Remember Me is a music video that I made during the lockdown, it narrates the story of a woman in her 70's reminiscing the loss of her granddaughter. The entire film is more or less a eulogy and reflection on her memories she has with her. We embark on this journey along with her as she goes through the stages of grief. Every element and colours used in this film are designed in a manner to represent these stages. This is a project that was reimagined in the form of a stop motion animation taking inspiration from the film. 

After drawing inspiration and adapting the animation from my film, Remember me. I came up with the idea of having the animation being played in a model box, combining an installation art piece with 3D stop motion animation 


Making of the Animation 

After editing the footage, I began the process of recreating the entire set to match the shoot exactly. The initial idea was to create a model box that represented the house in a 1:10 scale. I wanted to evoke the emotions contained in the film, as the house played a major role, as did the grandmother.

I started by creating mood boards to set the scene and find the right aesthetic for the film. The chosen style was crucial for the animation's development, impacting the time and resources required. I decided on a realistic approach, which involved crafting a lifelike set resembling my grandmother's home as portrayed in the film.


The furniture pieces, particularly the long sofa, were initially designed on CAD to incorporate intricate details inspired by Indian architecture.


Details on the sofa drawn using Adobe Photoshop 

To create the flooring, I painted the desired pattern on a mount board after studying the granite floor patterns. After carefully painting the texture, I applied a layer of resin on top for a glossy finish, completing the process.

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