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Sanjana Nagesh is a multidisciplinary creative currently based in London, UK. With a focus on exploring the digital artworld, Sanjana’s work spans across 2D and 3D animation, set design, model making, costume design, installation design, art direction and image making.

Working as a creative since 2017, Sanjana has worked with various production companies including Netflix, Bad Wolf, Sony Channel, S4C and Google and designed theatre productions such as Om Shanti(RepCO), The Hiding Tree (RWMCD School’s Opera) and In My Eyes (Atmosphere, RWCMD)

Inspired by nature, culture, Indian crafts and textiles, Sanjana’s work always carries a strong personal point of view, combining different mediums to achieve an emotional impact that inspires change while reflecting on her home, personal experiences, and the contemporary world.



Worked for:

Heartstopper, S2 Netflix 

Dr.Who, Bad Wolf Productions 

Black Cake, CBS Productions 

Glasses Direct, Wordley

Capten Cymru, It's my shout, S4C 

Young People's Production Arts, RWCMD 


Bad Wolf Scholarship:




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